FlutterBye Heels

One thing I find frustrating is all the time it takes me to get things posted and not creating in my studio. Hence, the lag between Blog posts which I create for my own personal satisfaction, without the general public in mind. I created these pumps and had finished grouting them a week ago but something was still missing. Just knew it in my gut. Anyway, I am making a memory tree for my 40th High School Reunion of the classmates who had passed. I was creating a pictorial ornament for Kim Goodman and thought how sad it was that she passed in a car accident with her Mother and never got see her boys grow up. And then a memory popped into my head, how she used to say flutterbyes and not butterflies. And that is how the butterflies ended up on the mosaic shoes.

FlutterBye Heels

FlutterBye Heels

Mosaic Half-a-Cups

Continuing on with this new endeavor of mine. They are still evolving but getting better and better. Definitely more detail oriented. Learning what works visually. For Sale in my Etsy Shop.


I have 6 more pieces to grout. Completed grouting 4 large mirrors and a small wall panel yesterday….. Only after I rigged up a lighting system over my grouting table in the garage:)

Client’s half cup Duo. Tesserae includes Jewelry given to me by the client(her Mothers’s) and the cup. I was able to get a clean cut on the cup. Therefore, I was able to make two panels. I added further embellishments to complete the design. I really liked how these are turning out.

Client’s half cup Duo. Tesserae includes Jewelry given to me by the client(her Mothers’s) and the cup. I was able to get a clean cut on the cup. Therefore, I was able to make two panels. I added further embellishments to complete the design. I really liked how these are turning out.

Frosty Dishes

These were made in quite a hurry and was just winging-it with the glass I had on hand.


Series of Initials

Here are series of Initials I completed on a smaller scale. They were given to the ladies of Twisted Scissors Salon in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. These are on a smaller scale the initials I have completed in the past. finding a focal point was difficult. But, i let the ideas percolate and was pleased with the result.



J is for Jamie

J is for Jamie

E is for Erin

E is for Erin

Can you say Aleisha

Can you say Aleisha

Scotch Vase Duo

I made these two panels from a vase I bought in a thrift store in Scotland. The flower stems are fused glass I made in my kiln. The blooms are a variety of jewelry, glass and porcelain. The background and fill is smalti.


My Lucky Heels


My Lucky Heels

Tesserae includes china, glow in the dark tiles, tiny tiles and stained glass.

These Boots


These Boots

This substrate has been living in my studio for YEARS!

More Half Cups

I have created a series of half cup designs. I have four more that need to be grouted. They are all  6" square. All cups were cut on a wet saw and adhered with Epoxy Sculpt.  

Angel Trio

 Originally, I made this piece to fill a space on my wall.  Just oozes sweetness  and cuteness which does not go with  the decor, for sure. I just let my hands do the work without a plan in mind. The center angel is a vintage ornament.  The two side angels are figures I cut in half with my wet saw. The mint green tiles glow in the dark.  Though they photograph light blue in darkened conditions,  they are actually a light green in color. 


Pair of Angels Table Top

I used the reverse method to obtain a smooth surface.  The first attempt was relegated to the bin.  I have done this technique in the past and now remember why I haven't used it lately. It can be a bit of a challenge to apply the mastic in an even coat.  I used a baker's knife to spread icing.  But even with back buttering, the mastic came thru the spaces between the tesserae.  Bigger pieces are better with this technique.  Patience and a light touch also help. 


Half Cup

I made this cup for MaryLou at Ryan's Lookout in Henderson, NY.  Our family's favorite restaurant at the Pond. I am still refining the technique, but am lovin' the cups without the handles. 


M is for Murphy

In tribute to my beloved golden retriever Bailey. 


B is for Bitty Birdies

Assortment of Bitty Birdies available on my Etsy site. These can be used in mosaic pieces as well in fused glass piecdes.  Single glass thickness. Tac-fused in my kiln.  All glass hand cut by ME!



M is for Michael

This initial is designed around pins collected during family vacations.


K is for Katie

Fused glass dichroic flowers are the centerpiece to this design.


P is for Patrick

My autistic adult son loves anything Disney and the color Blue. Hence the Mouse ears. 


I have rediscovered quilting.  Why I like it and Why I hate it! Need to stretch my brain to learn something new. As a result, I am taking quilting classes at LadyFingers Sewing Studio in Oley, Pennsylvania.  I have never worked with machine embroidery.  This is my first attempt. All the mistakes I made. This is not the way I arranged the blocks before I started to sewing.  Making a binding with mitered corners was a challenge.  And I don't even want to talk about stitching in the ditch. 


Not Mosaic Related

As all my friends know, I am a jack-of-all-trades and master of none.  I broke my sewing machine reconstructing a weighted blanket I purchased for my autistic son.   I had it repaired but it broke again while sewing a dress for my daughter for our 2018 Family Disney Cruise.  So I bought a new Bernina Sewing machine.  Once you own a Bernina there is no going back.  My Mom who taught me to sew over 20 years ago bought me the original in 1998. So I am revisiting sewing.  I have to be very "mindful" and cannot be on autopilot when sewing.  This is picture of the dress which still needs to be hemmed.  Fabric is Beauty & the Beast themed.